PPS Mutual

PPS Mutual is unlike any other life insurance company in Australia. They exist solely for the benefit of their Members and PPS Mutual products are only offered to a defined group of professionals. They operate on a mutual model which means as a Member of the company you share in its ownership and profits.

  • Membership strictly limited to a defined list of professionals.
  • Members share in the company’s ownership.
  • A unique portfolio of bespoke insurance products designed for professionals.
  • Insurance risks and returns are shared with others with similar lifestyles.
  • Annual Profit-Share allocation to the Member’s Profit-Share Account.
  • Proven mutual business model through PPS South Africa
  • Available only through PPS Mutual Accredited Advisers.

PPS Mutual have partnered with PPS South Africa, the world’s largest multi-disciplinary group of professionals.

Do you have a PPS policy in South Africa? We can offer you the following:

  • Free report detailing your current policy and profit share details

  • Assistance with securing a policy from PPS Australia

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